The Process

We make everything possible for you to have a streamlined and easy experience during the recruitment process.


Match Meeting

Your first discussion is with one of our account managers to assess what project would be a perfect fit for your skills and know more about Blue Wire as an employer of choice and ask away any questions you might have.

Local Tech Call

The second engagement you have is with our technical teams in order to assess your practical knowledge in terms of coding, best practices, theory and for you to get a chance of who you’d be working with.

US Tech Call

The client meeting is set after you’ve passed the tech assessment. This call will determine whether you can join the project and moreover it offers you detailed insight of what’s to come, what you're going to build and how can you grow. Be curious!

Offer Stage

After you’ve passed both discussions and we have a final feedback, an offer or feedback will be sent to you in 30 minutes after we have received it. We actively track and maintain a consistent process of 2 weeks tops.

How can you contribute?

Choose your path & brace yourself for impact!

Build new businesses from zero to IPO

Industry leading & unicorn startups are waiting for your expertise to help them launch.

Reimagine bringing up products to scale

Refresh existing views & accelerate growth by driving new ideas and breaking through barriers.

Innovate within well built business ideas

Be the driving force of strategic development to existing businesses in search of today.


Enhance Restaurant & Diner experience -->

Our teams are working with React.js and Java, in microservices architecture and cloud from AWS.

Upscale Streaming services -->

Be in vogue with the latest trends in media consumption. Mainly served with React.js and AWS cloud services.

Marketing and analytics served best -->

We’re a key player in the space of how sales are made, data processing and making sound business decisions. Essentials are SQL, React.js, Python, Spark, Hive.

Revolutionize E-commerce space -->

Voice and sms, marketing automation and more. Python, React.js, Node.js are key.

Set the trend and be in tune with fashion -->

Aid in expanding one of the biggest platforms for high fashion with help of ruby, python, aws or scala.

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